Road Maintenance

The deterioration of a road’s surface and its underlying base significantly increases costs to companies as a road continues to degrade. Costly delays from maintenance road closures, annual aggregate importation and time consuming re-grading and compacting can greatly impact maintenance budgets. Our solutions are successfully designed to significantly reduce and even eliminate the need for costly traditional unpaved road maintenance or gravel road maintenance programs.

Important Costs of Road Maintenance

Maintaining roads and access points is a costly proposition for any company. When you factor in the amount of time it takes to prepare, maintain and create new access lanes, these costs can rise quickly. Add to that the types of vehicles that will travel on the roads as well as the expected life expectancy of each road and your costs can rise even faster.

Keeping the dust down on access roads using water means incurring plenty of additional costs: extra labor, fuel, supplies, equipment repairs and, of course, water.
But those aren’t the only costs associated with road maintenance. You’ll also be responsible for keeping the road in working order, which means importing extra aggregate, grading, compacting, road closures and plenty of delays. You’ll also experience slower transport routes (when they’re not shut down for maintenance), more labor costs, decreased fuel economy, costly equipment maintenance and repairs as well as increased safety concerns for your employees.

Our products for road maintenance

The most durable of Soilworks’ product lines, Soiltac can be customized to achieve the results you need. Modest application rates are useful for dust suppression by creating a three-dimensional cap or surface crust. Learn More

This innovative product is a biodegradable, copolymer-based dispersion that is primarily designed to control dust. Gorilla-Snot is comprised of long, nanoparticle molecular structures that link and cross-link together to form strong bonds between particulates, soils and aggregates. Learn More

The powdered version of Soiltac can be used as both a dust control agent and a soil stabilizer. It acts as a dust control agent, creating a dust-free surface crust when applied to the surface. Alternately, it can be mixed into the soil to solidify and stabilize the ground. Powdered Soiltac is the highest (100%) solids soil stabilizer and dust control agent on the market. Learn More